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Wow, this is really interesting. It never occurred to me to make amaretti. Now I might.


Our family comes from Pavia, Amaretti wins always over Biscotti when it comes to bake but the paste has always been made with our own apricots kernels once the skin is removed and mix with pignoli and sugar in the mortar is Nonna was around, in the food processor if we were alone :)

Otherwise the recipe is the same. No need even for Vin Santo or anything else, they are good just as they are and I am sure yours are too. Marvelous to use making the base for a ricotta pie too.

Chinese apricots? I will give up Amaretti if that was the only ingredient available. The same with the pignoli, from Russia and sent to China and then here? One can find the real Italian pignoli on line and only takes one bite to know the difference.

Good recipe, I am going to try it.

Bobby Jain

I'm tempted to try this at home.

Thanks for the great and look a fun recipe.

Nick Malgieri

Tissue paper is the best substitute that comes to mind. You can sometimes find it in a variety if colors...

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