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I loved your mother. And I love this piece you wrote about her. It made me teary.


I didn't know your mother (thank you for sharing about her, and a lovely photo of the two of you), but from what I know of you, I would say the qualities that you loved in your mother (and parents) are qualities that are evident in your own life and words we would all use to describe you. A wonderful tribute to them both in itself.


Thanks Sandy and Kayte, I miss them both...


It's wonderful that you describe your parents as "a couple in a billion". How joyous it must have been to grow up in a household so full of love! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Karen Bekker

What a wonderful mom! Also so nice to see Maida, several of my favourite recipes are from her books, I cherish this collection, some were given to me by my friend Naomi Nishimuru.

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