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Looks great, Nick! I made this using the Modern Baker recepe last year, and really enjoyed it.

Can't wait for "Bread" to come out this Fall.


Mmmmmm, pastiera. The recipe looks so good, I may actually try it for the first time.

Mary Baum

I have been making this every Easter for the past 23 years. It is soooo delicious and is exactly like the one my mamma used to make. Thanks, Mr. Maglieri, for a great recipe.


Thanks everyone. I'll be baking pastiera too on Wednesday evening for class at ICE and on Saturday at home.

Mary Ann

I have jarred filling. But, directions written in Italian. How do I use it? Any and all help would be so appreciated.


Use Google translate or drain the jarred wheat well and use 10 ounces which is what the wheat in my recipe should weigh after cooking.

Mary Ann

I would like to preorder your forthcoming book, is that possible? Too, thanks for the response regarding the jarred wheat filling. And, I just wanted to tell you that without your books I would be one unhappy Italian who is now living in the south - no good bakeries, no Italian pastry shops. Grazie!!!


Mary Ann, The bread book is going to be published in September and I think Amazon.com will start taking orders as soon as it's listed a few weeks before. Glad you like the books and recipes.

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